DIEHEILIGEN2 | Satiric Comedy

Shermin & Peter are both from Vienna and now live in Berlin where they meet on a regular basis to devote themselves to sophisticated conversation, thrilling discussions and mind blowing shows. See how their feet are being massaged by world celebrities, meet them @ the berlin wall, on a pan dimensional journey to planet goerli & find out why they looove #PRISM. Watch videos below or check out the DH2 website.


DH2 is a late-night talk show for the whole day starring Peter Baecker & Shermin Voshmgir aka KAMIKATSE. Many celebrities have appeared in the show, among others Victoria Beckham, Vladimir Putin and Princess Diana. Their guests have to bring a present, but they are not allowed to speak, nor do they ever appear in front of the camera. If Shermin & Peter don’t approve of the present, the guests have to massage their feet, while Peter & Shermin present news, music, and other gadgets. Each episode has been edited into three versions – speed version, wheed version, and our wonderfully english translated version – to adapt to your attention span and language skills.  

Victoria Beckham – Speed Version

Vladimir Putin – Speed Version

Diana Princess of Wales – Speed Version

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev – Speed Version

Victoria Beckham – Wheed Version

Vladimir Putin – Wheed Version

Diana Princess of Wales – Speed Version

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev – Wheed Version

Victoria Beckham – Bad English Version

Vladimir Putin – Bad English Version

Diana Princess of Wales – Speed Version

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev – Bad English


DIEHEILIGEN2 report live from the final fall of the Berliner Wall. After  25 years the last reminiscence of the wall will finally be eradicated, and DH2 went to join the festivities and welcome David Hasselhoff who flew all the way from America to save the wall.


This is a series of promotional clips showing why DIEHEILIGEN2 looooove PRISM. 


DIEHEILIGEN2 found a way to travel to Planet Görli, a parallel dimension of planet Earth, and report back from the construction site of the new „Palnet Görli Spaceport“ which is locacted at the exact same place as Goerlitzer Park on Planet Earth. DIEHEILIGEN2 report from 6 different spots about the construction of the Spaceport and other facts of Planet Görli.